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As a Professional EOS Implementer®, Mari Tautimes helps leaders get everything they want from their businesses … like clarity, accountability, efficiency, profitability and scalability. When businesses do better, their leaders also do better, enjoying lives that are more balanced and rewarding.

As a Keynote Speaker, Mari inspires audiences to reach their next level, teaching the principles of EOS, and sharing lessons from her own personal journey. Known for her passion, tenacity and authentic storytelling abilities, Mari will motivate your team with positive energy and get-it-done strategies.

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Mari Tautimes

Mari Tautimes is a world-class trainer, speaker, coach and mentor who helps individuals and businesses connect with powerful topics like How to Get A Grip on Your Business and Make Your Next 10 the Best 10.

With over two decades in business leadership, Mari is a lifelong learner and an enthusiastic visionary who is driven to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.  

You can count on Mari to bring authentic perspective and clarity to audiences of all ages, sizes, experience-levels and industries.

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“Mari is inspirational! I train EOS Implementers as a member of the EOS Global Coaching Team. Mari is driven to provide her clients with the highest value. As a successful entrepreneur, she knows the challenges and thrills of the journey. What I admire most is her commitment to excellence for herself and her clients. I only wish I knew Mari when I was growing my own firm years ago. Mari has the talents of our community's highest performing EOS Professional Implementers - compassion, courage, excellence and positivity. Highly recommend.”


Hank O'Donnell

Certified Professional EOS Implementer®

I have been honored to know Mari Tautimes for over 7 years, and in addition to being brilliantly insightful, she is also an inspiring leader. Her ability to easily identify areas in a business that could be improved upon or developed is remarkable. She is also an innovator who has demonstrated her talents time and time again by creating programs and seminars that both excite her audience and get full buy-in from participants. Her innate ability to develop and grow a company is awe inspiring, and her instinctive team building knowledge is a plus to any organization. Mari's authentic, natural business talents continue to shine through with every opportunity and challenge that she faces. From speaking to business development, Mari is a true gem in the speaking industry!”


Kristi DeWitt-Quintero

Director of Individual and Small Group Sales at Delta Dental of Arizona

“Mari Tautimes is a detail oriented, empathetic, dynamic business woman who understands innovation and leadership. She brought a private insurance company from annual revenues of less than $500,000 to over $10m in 7 years in Phoenix, Arizona working from an entry level position to the executive suite. She is a hard worker, good project manager, great team player and an accomplished public speaker. She understands technology innovation, coordinating successful public events and has the ability to connect with people directly at their core to inspire them to reach their highest potential.”


Dan Tyre

Director, HubSpot

“It has been a pleasure working with Mari. Every time we talk or collaborate, I am blown away by her brilliance, her drive, her passion, her business acumen, and how gracious she is with her tools and time. She has helped me with my business and passion projects. She also provides the best recaps in town after we meet and is the queen of accountability. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity - take it! It will be an amazing investment for you professionally and personally.”


Tara Bethell,

Founder & CEO at Copper Quail Consulting

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About Mari Tautimes

Mari Tautimes is an EOS Implementer®, Professional Speaker and Mentor. Her mission is to help as many businesses and individuals achieve their maximum potential as possible.