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Known for her passion, tenacity and authentic storytelling, Mari is a world-class communicator who has overcome impossible odds to transform her life and achieve 10x Growth in her Family Business.

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Mari Tautimes

Mari Tautimes is a world-class speaker, trainer, coach and mentor who helps individuals and businesses connect with powerful topics like How to Create Raving Fans, How to Get Traction in Your Business, How to Create Work Life Balance and How to Always Level Up.

With over two decades in business, Mari feels she has made her biggest impact in the past six, helping her family business to achieve 10x Growth by implementing training she's received from Tony Robbins (Business Mastery), Keith Cunningham (4-Day MBA).

Mari is a lifelong learner and an enthusiastic visionary who is driven to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. As a wife, a mother of 4, and a business leader with a wealth of personal and professional experience, Mari brings authentic perspective and clarity to audiences of all ages, sizes, experience-levels and industries.

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"It's rare for a speaker to capture and hold everyone’s attention, but Mari accomplished that while teaching our team to create raving fans in an easy to understand story format. Not only was the talk valuable and actionable, the team has even asked her to come back to inspire them again at a future meeting."


Dieter Gable

CEO, TB Consulting

“I’ve had the pleasure of working and speaking with Mari for over 15 years. Her ability to inspire and resonate with any audience is remarkable. Through her experiences being trained by Tony Robbins, Mari's transformed into a fearless leader who can help individuals and businesses to organize, search within and pull out their best. I would recommend her to anyone interested in adding tremendous value to their event, keynote or special engagement. Get to the next level and get Mari in front of them!"


Paul Rose

Owner, Western Asset Protection

"Of all the sessions I attended during Phoenix Startup Week last year, I found Mari's to be the most impactful. Too few leadership teams and operators consider the significance of their client interactions, let alone the net benefits that could come from them. Of course, Mari addressed this in her talk, but she goes on to transform your perception of Customer Experience, detail how you can create raving fans, and makes you laugh along the way!"


Steven Miller

Founder, Decisive Leap

"Your presentation on creating raving fans was beyond excellent. It changed the way my team views customers and has them thinking about all of their client interactions and their impact. They are energized and raising the bar in a way that I wasn’t able to accomplish before. Thank you for spending time with our team!"


Paul Arrington

Operations Director, TB Consulting

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About Mari Tautimes

Mari Tautimes is a Professional Speaker, EOS Implementer, Podcaster and Mentor. Her mission is to help as many businesses and individuals achieve their maximum potential as possible.