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Get a Grip on Your Business

Are you running your business or is your business running you? If you’re looking for faster growth, less frustration and more joy, this talk is for you. You will learn how to get everything you want from your business by applying EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System™). This proven approach will help your team Get Real, Get Simple and Get Results. This talk includes countless real-world situations so you can easily apply the lessons to your own business.

You will learn:

  • How to get the right people into the right seats within your organization
  • The Six Key Components™ of top-performing companies
  • What metrics to include in your business scorecard

Make the Next 10, Your Best 10!

In 2020, Mari's focused on helping people to set a 10-Year Vision and determine what steps they need to take now to realize that Vision.  She's calling it #next10best10 - How to Make the Next 10 Years, the Best 10 Years of Your Life! If you want your audience left feeling inspired, entertained and connected to their own purpose like never before, Mari is the perfect speaker for your next event.

Mari's Past Topics:


Next Level Relationships

How to Create Raving Fans

Tap into one of Mari's greatest strengths! Learn how to define your vision, discover what your customers or stakeholders really want, design effective customer service systems, and earn a competitive advantage from having Raving Fans.


Learn to Love Your Space

Bloom Where You're Planted

Feeling stuck or uncertain about your work? In these sessions, Mari takes audiences on a journey to rediscover how they can shift their outlook into the positive by improving workplace relationships and facilitating internal change.


Never Stop Learning

Always Level Up!

Whether you fall into it or rise up to it, Leadership is something to be embraced! Learn from Mari's experiences leading teams of all sizes and discover how you can further develop your leadership style and influence team dynamics.

About Mari Tautimes

Mari Tautimes is an EOS Implementer®, Professional Speaker and Mentor. Her mission is to help as many businesses and individuals achieve their maximum potential as possible.