Congrats to Mark O’Donnell, Visionary for EOS Worldwide

Last week, I was excited to learn that Mark O’Donnell was named Visionary for EOS Worldwide. I couldn’t be happier for Mark and for our EOS Implementer Community™, we are lucky to have him.

One of the roles of a Visionary is to set the culture, but culture isn’t defined by ping pong tables and Friday afternoon happy hours – those are perks. Culture is a byproduct of having defined the right Core Values and then hiring, firing, measuring and managing employees to those Core Values.

I have personally experienced Mark’s commitment to and execution of our EOS Worldwide Core Values during every step of my journey working with him. For example:

Be humbly confident – No answers, only possibility questions

My first experience with Mark was watching him lead a session at my first EOS conference where there was standing room only. Even though he has ALL the answers, he facilitated the wisdom in the room and allowed others around him to learn, grow and support one another. He was confident, and he was humble. He was kind, and he didn’t once behave as though he was the smartest guy in the room, even though many of us would argue he probably was.

Grow or die – Never stop learning, trying, failing/winning forward

Mark has shown us as a community how quickly he could learn and pivot during COVID. He became the unofficial tech and coaching support for the rest of us trying to figure out how we were going to facilitate full day sessions effectively virtually.

Help first – Serving, not pleasing

The night before Kelly Knight (President/Integrator for EOS Worldwide) announced Mark as our Visionary, Mark went out of his way to answer one of my emailed questions via a voice memo. He even sent a video link to the answer to make sure I understood completely. I’m sure he had other things on his mind all things considered, and he still managed to put a member of the community first. I’ve witnessed countless similar scenarios with my peers who would say the same.

Do the right thing – Build trust

Mark gives everything that he’s built away to the rest of our community. He doesn’t have to, but he does, and it sets the tone for the rest of us to do the same to lift up and support one another.  

Do what you say – Learn to say no

I can’t imagine Mark saying “no” … I think it might come in the form of delegation, but I have yet to witness it, and even so, he somehow always does what he says he’s going to do. I’m pretty sure he’s superhuman.

It’s easy to see that Mark lives and breathes our EOS core values. He sets the tone for business and exemplifies our company culture on a daily basis. This is the role of the visionary. Does your company have one?  Do you know if YOU are the V (Visionary) or I (Integrator) in your company?

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